The mission of the Cook County Chamber of Commerce is to be the representative voice of county for-profit and non-profit businesses in working to improve the county economy and to address pressing county socioeconomic issues.
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Invest in your business, your community: Join the Cook County Chamber of Commerce 

It was just eight years ago when the Cook County Chamber of Commerce came into being. We've had a big impact in those years.

We  have grown from 40 members to more than 160 and become a powerful presence for good in the Cook County community. Before the Chamber, the community was pulled in many different directions. We pull the community together while respecting different voices.

We make things happen, often as the catalyst, supporter, encourager, convenor behind good ideas that other organizations then develop. 
The credit goes to our members. Everything we do depends on their willingness to be dues-paying members and their faith that we will work hard for our community with the resources they provide. Here is a partial list of what we have accomplished in the Chamber's short life, all reasons why civic-minded businesses and individuals should consider joining and becoming part of this powerful movement.

 A Voice in St. Paul: We devote fully one-third of our resources to ensuring that Cook County is well represented at the Minnesota Legislature. Our efforts have advanced Cook County’s interests across a broad spectrum of issues, plus helped secure millions in state funding for projects ranging from the Chik Wauk Museum to the Gitchi-Gami State Trail and annual state funding for Cook County Higher Ed. Few communities are as effectively represented in St. Paul as Cook County.

A Voice in Grand Marais: The Chamber ensures its members have a voice at the table when the topic under discussion is an updated county land use plan, updating the city comp plan, writing a comprehensive county trails plan, reconstruction of Highway 61, etc.

Listening to the Community: When the Dollar General issue arose, Chamber members wanted to make their feelings known. The Chamber worked hard to ensure community members were alerted to opportunities to speak their mind and that city officials would respectfully hear them out.

Giving voice to business concerns:  If you have issues with government, we are there to advocate on your behalf, whether your issue is septic regulation, a flooding parking lot or the need for public bathrooms.

Celebrating business: Each fall, we honor an entrepreneur of the year, a business of the year and community business leader of the year. By extension, we seek to recognize the essential contribution every business makes to  the life of our community. And we do it at a fall gala celebration that has become THE event of the fall season.

Celebrating and serving our community: We seek to affirm our community in many ways. One of the most popular is sponsoring the Great Place Project. Each year we raffle a canoe and use the proceeds to fund small grants for individuals, businesses and community groups that propose creating small great places. Everything we do is carefully designed to build, support and celebrate our community. As we start our seventh year, the board and staff of the Chamber  thank you  for the opportunity to serve.

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