The mission of the Cook County Chamber of Commerce is to be the representative voice of county for-profit and non-profit businesses in working to improve the county economy and to address pressing county socioeconomic issues.
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Unemployment Rates-2015

If  you have friends who run lodging establishments, you probably heard stories of woe in late August and September about their need to make beds and clean rooms because all of their seasonable labor had left. This chart shows the story through August. The unemployment rate for Cook County that month was 2.7 percent. That is way below what is called "full employment." Economists generally agree that an unemployment rate of 4.5-5.5 percent is healthy; above that is too much, but below that is too little -- too few workers to fill available jobs, even if wages go up. That is what happens seasonally in Cook County: Unemployment typically soars to the 8 percent range in the winter (too high) but then dips to the 3 percent range in the summer (too low).