Langford Canoe Raffle

The Cook County Chamber of Commerce Foundation is holding a raffle for a $5,000 Langford red cedar canoe. Tickets are $10 apiece.

Drawing will be at 4 p.m. on Saturday, Oct. 21. You need not be present to win.

The "Continue to Paypal" button below actually allows you to use Paypal or pay by credit card. If you pay for raffle tickets, they will be dispatched to  your address the following day.

Where it says "Number of registrations" please specify the number of raffle tickets you wish to purchase. Ignore the "Names of Registrants" box.

This is an absolutely gorgeous canoe. It is 17 feet 3 inches and has a keel so it tracks well. Here is what the Langford website says about this canoe:

"The Langford Prospector’s shallow draft and obvious length (over 17 feet), make this canoe both extremely stable very quick, efficiently hauling large loads at a unbelievable pace. The design allows the canoe, even when heavily laden, to easily glide up and down shallow rivers and safely move over larger lakes. The artful blend of varying hues of Red Cedar planking, juxtaposed against the white cedar ribs, creates a striking visual impression further reinforced by the canoes size. The planked, sister, and structural ribbed interior lends a unrivalled feeling of substance and sturdiness. The 17.3 Langford Prospector is quite literally the finest cottage canoe money can buy, safely plying the waters with the entire family, and if the need arises one can put it to work filling it’s historical role as a heavy duty hauler."

Proceeds go to fund the Great Place Project, which provides small grants to people and organizations that wish to create a special place in Cook County. Fun projects funded by Great Place Project include paint-by-number murals depicting Cook County that the public paints during the Grand Marais Arts Festival; the murals then are hung on the outside wall of a Grand Marais shop. Another project was an outdoor ping pong table on the library lawn, available for anyone to use.

To register, please provide the following information:

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